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How to maintain the excavator parts of life?

Source:Guangzhou Shangyuan 100 Power Engineering Machinery Co. Ltd.    Release time:[2015-06-10]

How to maintain the excavator parts life to grow?This is many excavator staff want to know, that guangzhou has below the power co., LTD., is to tell everyone:
Excavator parts need maintenance to prolong the service life, after all as a excavator parts status is quite important, because the accessories is the key factors of excavator.
Now lubricating grease are generally choose the lubricants such as butter, etc., these oils can better protect our excavator parts, also can effectively reduce the surface after motion caused by the wear and tear, can also prevent the generation of noise.In the preservation grease at ordinary times, of course, it is important to note that we don't let the sand, dust, water or other impurities mixed in.
As to filter maintenance, is difficult.Filter is usually used to filter the impurities in oil or gas path, can also prevent they enter the system internal cause some unnecessary loss.So we suggest to try to use at ordinary times those who meet the requirements of the machine filter guarantee machine normal use and maintenance for a long time.
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